Facebook Removes Over 1,000 Targeting Options 

Facebook Is “Simplifying and Streamlining” Targeting Options

In the past week Facebook has been categorically removing over 1,000 targeting options from Ads Manager. This follows on from a consistent phasing out of “expired” keywords in the targeting framework on the platform, which started in January 2020. Facebook is attempting to refresh the audience segments, by removing options which are not used, replicated, or too similar to others.

As quoted by Facebook:

“As part of our latest efforts to simplify and streamline our targeting options, we’ve identified cases where advertisers – of all sizes and industries – rarely use various targeting options. Infrequent use may be because some of the targeting options are redundant with others or because they’re too granular to really be useful. So we’re removing some of these options.”

Any side-effect of this purge will likely be felt in the coming weeks when advertisers see options with warning signs that they will be unavailable shortly. The overall impact, however, should be minimal.



(Image Creds: impactbnd.com)