TikTok Launches New Tutorials Mini-Site

TikTok Wants To Help Brands ‘Harness the Hype’

Brands and Agencies are constantly having to keep an eye on the latest trends in the ever-updating world of social media.

This is why TikTok, like Facebook’s Blueprint courses and Twitter’s ‘Flight School’, has cleverly launched https://tiktoktutorials.uk/ to best help brands use their platform and, as they say, ’harness the hype’.

What this means is, Tiktok has launched a tutorials platform to ensure that brands can successfully use Tiktok to increase reach, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive revenue. Brands will additionally be able to monitor their success through access to exclusive insights. Upon completion of these courses, one is rewarded with a special TikTok Pro graphic.

Tiktok has shaken things up by including Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo alongside a cast of Creators and the TikTok team in their quick video tutorials. You can access this platform via email sign up, however, it seems that at the moment sign up is limited.



(Image Creds: TikTok UK)