Meta’s Future Depends on Their Metaverse Gamble

In Uncertain Times, Meta Seems to Have Set Their Eyes on a Specific Market and Direction With Their Investments, Which May Determine How Long They can Continue to Maintain Their Reputation

Regardless on whether or not a company believes they are in a stable position, they must always grow and evolve to meet the needs of their target audience. This could mean having to introduce new technology to keep the business alive, and continue to provide customer satisfaction. But, the decisions being made often come with large quantities of risk.

Meta currently faces this situation, having decided to focus on their Metaverse with their financial investments. Having recently announced their new AR glasses, Meta still has time to adjust their tactics accordingly in the coming months. 

[Creds: Cnet]

Additionally, Meta has recently announced two versions of these glasses which can and cannot pair with phones to work, as well as recently publishing videos on how to use their various safety tools across their platforms. Focusing on wrist controls, the glasses would also read vital signals within arms in order to control the devices. However, a lot of this leads to further speculation as to how Mark Zuckerburg will proceed in the future with this technology.

Another clear area with movements inside the Metaverse is the new creator funding program; this is being done in the hopes creators will provide content within the Metaverse, incentivised by rewards. Doing so should help drive growth, especially when there are certain uncertainties surrounding the safety of the systems in place.

[Creds: Inspo]

All of this is occurring because Mark Zuckerberg seems to believe the Metaverse truly is the way forward for Meta; with Facebook’s user total, and potentially leadership position slipping overall, it seems to be the right time for Meta to attempt to develop into new hardware and software for their target market. Doing so should allow them ample time to survive, but the technology would have to come at the right time if wanting to be successfully implemented into consumer lifestyles.

These next steps are highly important to Meta; with the safety tools and creator funding program helping to act as a support network, this should allow them to develop a proper, sought after environment in which they can further drive engagement. Having these incentives in place should theoretically help to attract potential audience members. 

[Creds: Inc. Magazine]

Despite this, there will always be barriers to entry. Even with the announcement of the new glasses, there have been reports they won’t be arriving until 2023 at the earliest. With so much financial investment in place, Meta will need this step forward to prove successful if they want to continue to maintain their reputation, and continue to survive in the digital landscape.

All of these moves by Meta seem to have a large amount of potential. In creating a supportive environment in their technology, this should help them manage expectations and maintain a profitable audience. But, the practical application of these systems are yet to be seen, and public perception may decide once and for all what Meta will become.

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