Meet The Influence Digital Strategy Team

I’m sure you may have heard the term strategy banded around, and you have had some idea of what it is. You might think it’s planning. Or it’s pulling together strategic guides that can support your marketing plans. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that. 


The Strategy Team at Influence Digital do all the things you might expect a strategy department to cover such as research, strategy development, training and consultancy.

This is our core offering from a service perspective.

But we also have a unique approach to strategy, centred around our organisational ethos of ‘Making a Difference’. We like to be an extension of clients’ teams, and in doing so have an empathy-first approach to our strategies.

Insight is only useful if it points you in the right direction, and a strategy is only impactful if it leads you to achieve marketing or organisational objectives. This can only be done if we have empathy for our clients, and understand where they’re coming from and what their internal capabilities and challenges are. That empathy extends to the target audience too – if we don’t put ourselves in their shoes then the strategy will not work. 

Results aside, our agency has a people-first mindset. We may do business and have goals but we are also humans, working together, no matter our role big or small we mustn’t forget this. It ensures we don’t lose sight of what’s important when engaging in business and life. A reminder to focus on the importance of balance, values and ethics.

How we see ourselves


We are like a lighthouse, shining our light so our team and clients can avoid pitfalls and go in the right direction. This applies to directing toward objectives, goals and innovation as much as it is toward ethical, value-led and inclusive executions. We want our team and our clients to do the right thing, so the best work comes out of the best strategy.

Our strategic offering doesn’t stop with our services, insight and strategy are woven into the fabric of the agency – so everything we deliver has that thinking behind it, from creative, social, paid media, talent and development.

Meet our strategy team

Tamara Askew – Head of Strategy 

What do the strategy team do?

Tamara:  Strategy & insight run through everything we do, we support our teams with strategic insight and direction, and our clients with robust and rigorous thinking. Strategy never sleeps, it’s not just something that comes out for the bigger moments but is infused within our DNA – it shapes our thinking at every step of the way, from a single BAU post to working with an influencer, to a media plan.

What’s the importance of strategy?

Tamara: Without strategy things are done through guesses and assumptions. This is a bit like fumbling around in the dark hoping we find what we’re looking for. Strategy removes the guess work, and helps everyone to understand what is the best way forward. If done well. It means that everything from paid, creative to social media management can be super charged in a way that delivers results above and beyond expectation.

What’s been your favourite campaign to work on?

Tamara: I don’t have a favourite campaign as I love all of the strategy projects I work on. I have worked on a brand campaign for KLM, developed personas and strategy documents for a range of music, promoter and entertainment clients including Sony, Above & Beyond and Lafeyette. I also work closely with our not for profit clients such as The Prince’s Trust and Counter Terrorism Policing to help them define their digital strategy.


Sufyan Belhoche – Creative strategist

What skills do you need to be a strategist?

Sufyan: As a Creative Strategist I combine analytical skills with imaginative problem-solving to create innovative strategies that accelerate brands and organisations forward. I bridge the gap between data-driven insights and creative execution, ensuring that every campaign or output resonates deeply with our intended audience.

Why is creative strategy unique at ID?

Sufyan: Our approach to creative strategy is built on the idea of creating meaningful impact and positive change, lead by openness, curiosity, intention and knowledge. I believe that as strategists, we are at the forefront of designing a better world around us – and our strategic methods function as incubators and creative accelerators for our clients, to enable new ways of thinking and asking important questions at the right time.


Elliot Thorne – Insights & Strategy Executive

What’s an emerging trend you’ve seen recently?

Elliot: One marketing trend I’ve been observing lately is the increasing popularity of leveraging micro-influencers in social media campaigns. There’s a growing tendency for brands to collaborate with individuals who have smaller, yet highly engaged, audiences. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have played a significant role in this shift, as these micro-influencers are often perceived as more authentic and trustworthy within their communities. Additionally, working with micro-influencers tends to be more cost-effective, making it a win-win for both brands and influencers. Overall, integrating these micro-influencers has not only made social media marketing more personable but has also opened up new avenues for brands to connect with their target audiences.


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Why is insight important to our clients?

Elliot: Insight is crucial to our clients for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows us to form a deep understanding of their target audience, their behaviours, preferences and pain points. With this understanding, we can tailer our strategies and messaging to resonate more effectively with their audience. Secondly, insight allows us to understand the world surrounding our client, including their position in the market, opportunities for audience growth and changes in consumer behaviour. In-depth insights make for a strong jumping off point for our clients, allowing us to back up our strategy decisions with reliable and useful evidence and data.

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