What’s Been Hot on TikTok this Year?

TikTok Releases their Top Trends, Creators and Clips

TikTok, the hot-shot video streaming app, has released its most popular trends of 2020. Specifically, the app has dissected which videos, creators and hashtags have kept its users scrolling vertically for the last year.

TikTok released their top 10 viral videos of 2020. Bella Poarch’s somewhat annoying, but extremely catchy “It’s M-m-m-m-m to the B” video came in first, followed by 420DoggFace208 swigging cranberry juice on a skateboard to the smooth rhythm of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams.’

Here’s the full list:

  1. @bellapoarch – Bella does M to the B.
  2. @420Doggface208 – Skateboarding his way to fame.
  3. @itscaitlinhello – The coworker you love to hate because WFH is hard.
  4. @nba – Jalaiah shows us how it’s done at the NBA All-Star Game.
  5. @willsmith – Will wipes it down.
  6. @awa_de_horchata_uwu – An obscure cereal jingle that isn’t bread becomes a bread sensation.
  7. @lizemopetey – Is it meatier or meteor? Hmmm.
  8. @iamtabithabrown – Do you see carrots? Bacon? It’s carrot bacon.
  9. @thejulianbass – Who’s your favourite hero?
  10. @hartyt_ – A goose throws it back.

TikTok has revealed their most popular creators – the well-loved, you could even say idolised trend-setters that have become the driving force of the app. Unsurprisingly, the TikTok queen herself, Charli D’Amelio, secured herself a place on the list. We even recently overheard someone say, “I wonder how long it would take to find a TikTok user that doesn’t follow Charli D’Amelio.” It would most likely take some strenuous searching to find one. Here are those creators that made it into the top 10:

  1. Charli D’Amelio
  2. Tabitha Brown
  3. Bella Poarch
  4. Devon Rodriguez
  5. Wisdom Kaye
  6. Hyram
  7. Addison Rae
  8. Michael Le
  9. Chriselle Lim
  10. Noah Beck

We also got insight into the most popular hashtags of the year. #BoredInTheHouse certainly brings back some jarring memories of the first lockdown. Take a look at the full list to see if any others ring a bell:

  1. #YouHaveTo
  2. #BlindingLights
  3. #TwoPrettyBestFriends
  4. #HurtMyFeelings
  5. #RandomThings
  6. #DontLeaveMe
  7. #IAmLost
  8. #BoredInTheHouse
  9. #TimeWarpScan
  10. #MedievalTikTok

For more of what’s been hot on TikTok on 2020, be sure to check out their article. Simultaneously, start getting excited for 2021’s batch of crazy, random and wonderful TikTok trends.

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