TikTok Rolls Out 3 Minute Long Videos

TikTok Extends Maximum Video Length to 3 Minutes

TikTok, known for its catchy short-form videos, is reportedly extending the maximum length of clips to from 1 to 3 minutes.

Social media expert, Matt Navarra, tweeted that specific users are being given ‘early access’ to the option.


This is not the first time that TikTok has adapted its maximum video length. Originally, TikTok clips had a 15-second limit, meaning users could only create short, snappy Vine-esque clips. Next, users could link four 15-second clips together, creating TikTok’s now signature 60-second limit. If TikTok is now allowing for 3 minute videos, it might change the game – does this alteration mean that TikTok users will create more drawn-out content, evolving the app into a YouTube-type platform?

This change has received a mixed bag of responses on Twitter. One user complained, “my attention span is now a minute long thanks to TikTok. And now they think we’re gonna watch three-minute videos?” Another said, “Oh no, I’m already getting bored with 1 min long videos and tend to skip those. Keep it short TikTok!” Some Twitter users have compared TikTok’s video length extension to when Twitter doubled the amount of characters allowed in a Tweet: a change that comparably received backlash. Evidence suggests that many social media users favour compact, condensed content.  Some Twitter users, however, are looking forward to the change, with one replying “Thank goodness. I’m tired of hearing that there is a part 2 to a video.”

With 3 minutes of time to fill, TikTok creators might film more promos, tutorials and guides. The opportunity for longer videos might also influence how people, especially brands, use the app. ‘Might’ is the operative word here, as at the moment no one can predict the outcome. Will the extended video length massively impact TikTok? Or will it not really make much difference?

TikTok is apparently rolling out the extended video length to a small group of creators. Let’s see how their test pans out.

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