Twitter’s New Podcast Tab Is Coming!

Twitter’s Newest Endeavour To Gain The Edge Over Competitors Is To Focus More On Podcasts On The App.

They are doing this by testing providing a dedicated tab for podcasts available on the function bars of the app. This news was shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi in a screenshot on the 2nd of March.

  [Creds: Adobo Magazine]

From this news, we can deduce that the app is planning on implementing more features surrounding the podcast side of their platform through their Spaces feature. This will involve direct links to users’ podcasts. Last year Twitter acquired podcast discovery app Breaker. This app may be integrated into the Spaces feature on the app. This allows users to listen to Spaces after the live recording which allows hosts to gain engagement after their live is finished. As well as this hosts can view their listening stats.

From viewing the current media environment one may think that podcasts as a medium would not thrive but despite this, the podcast world has been booming. The main platforms that audiences tend to use are Apple Music and Spotify but Twitter investing more in this asset may cause them to become a real competitor in the field. With Twitter most often being used as a place to discuss current affairs the integration of a podcast aspect may really benefit users who are keen to learn more about the world. Breaker has piloted integrating a social element to the usual passive experience of podcasts where users can actively engage with each other.


[Creds: The Business of Business]

Recently Twitter has been focusing heavily on supporting creators. This new change may be feeding into these efforts as it allows another way for creators to build their audiences in different ways all on the app. 

With apps like TikTok and Instagram heading down a visual route, it seems positive that Twitter is swimming in the opposite direction which may be to their benefit. Having easily accessible podcasts that users can interact with seems to be the next step in podcast accessibility. 

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