Twitter To Filter Unwanted Replies

Twitter Have Created A New Feature Allowing Users To Filter Unwelcome Replies.

Twitter users will have the opportunity to filter harmful and offensive replies with the help of the platforms new automatic reply filter feature. This new addition was uncovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, which she shared on her Twitter post on August 19th.


Credit: @wongmjane (Jane Manchun Wong)

As described by Twitter:

“Replies to your tweets that can potentially be harmful or offensive language will be filtered and appear here. Others can still see these replies. Keep in mind we use technology to help us identify such replies, so while we’re always improving, we may not get it right all the time.”

The filter is located within the Privacy and Safety Settings within the app, and users can just switch the toggle on and/or off to use the reply feature.

As informed by Twitter above, the social media platform might unintentionally filter replies that are not harmful. But that’s all about the learning process. Thus, it is important to check on the privacy and safety panel section from time to time.

However, filtering is different from censoring.

What is important to point out, is that filtered replies will be visible to other accounts on the platform.

In other words, Twitter is not censoring tweets, just trying to improve the bullying situation that happens on social media platforms. The intention is to reduce the negativity Twitter users are exposed to on the platform.

Seeing fewer harmful tweets a day can help many users on this platform positively impact their mental health, which is a key topic discussed around social media.

Who wouldn’t want peace of mind checking their posts and not reading ugly comments? This reply filter is a passive tactic by Twitter in dealing with unwelcome comments.

However, it is still unknown when this new reply filter will be available for all Twitter users.

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