Twitter’s Push to Support Content Creators

With the Introduction of a Creator Dashboard and Podcast Tab, Twitter has Indicated Their Resolve to Help Creators Out on The Platform

One of the key stakeholders to any social media platform are the content creators as they help to establish incoming revenue, as well as draw in more users. But, some platforms are still hesitant to take the leap needed to provide the necessary tools to keep people interested.

One such company starting to move forward is Twitter; quite recently, Twitter has announced the introduction of the Creator Dashboard which will allow users to visualise how their content is performing in monetary terms. It does this by showing a breakdown of the different avenues of revenue, such as the Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows features. This is in addition to how Twitter allows for the monetisation of videos on their platform, but should help track performance overall.


[Creds: Streamline]

This could go hand-in-hand with the new Podcast tab, as well as drive engagement. How these two tools may be integrated are yet to be seen, but should help boost conversations online.

Twitter has introduced this feature in the hopes of drawing in and maintaining content creators on the platform; this should help them to act competitively with other platforms if more people visit. Additionally, doing so will help users build an audience on the platform, whilst at the same time drawing in discussion as a form of engagement. And, most importantly, creators may find their delivery of content improved; in monitoring how effective they are, they can adjust their strategy appropriately to bolster their success.

[Creds: Digiday]

Including these changes are an indication of Twitter going in the right direction in the creator economy. Despite being in their infancy, these tools should ensure creators are able to create content in a sustainable manner, and in a convenient format. Additionally, this should also make their platforms more attractive compared to others, especially with TikTok attempting to introduce new features.

Trying these features now as opposed to later may also prove beneficial. Given Twitter is normally free, having paid formats may take some adjusting to get used to. Seeing what works now as opposed to later gives Twitter more time to adapt, and make sure all relevant stakeholders are satisfied with the platform as a whole.

There is still a ways to go until results are evident if these tools will be beneficial or not, but their introduction should help Twitter adjust accordingly to the responses in the long-run.

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