TikTok x Honda

New music group The Future X, made up of TikTok-scouted influencers is set to headline the 2022 Honda Civic tour.

The Future X is made up of three singers and four dancers who were discovered on TikTok by American Idol producer Simon Fuller. Each member auditioned using a trending hashtag on TikTok and were chosen for their talents. 

Throughout the tour the group will be posting TikTok content throughout the tour to drive attention from audiences. Each of the members will create their own unique content telling the story of their road to the tour posting videos about every stop of the tour.

[Creds: mobilesyrup]

The Honda Civic Tour is an annual promotional tour which is sponsored by Honda and features a range of headliners from Maroon 5 to One Direction. Tickets are given for free on a website where fans can register their interest. 

Honda has been focused on posting a large range of content on the app throughout the tour. The groups page currently has over 110,000 followers. As well as exposure to this large audience the group will perform live in a range of cities from Los Angeles to New York.

[Creds: PR]

Fuller commented on the tour saying

“Honda has an important, long-standing relationship connecting music fans and artists across America with the Civic Tour, so they were a natural partner for the first live performances of the Future X in the U.S. What makes this Civic Tour unique is the combination of the live Future X experience with TikTok accessibility for millions more Civic fans and music lovers. This hybrid of in-person and digital experiences is the future of touring and the result is a Honda Civic Tour that everyone can be a part of.”

“Coming off the successful virtual Honda Civic Tour with H.E.R., we knew it was time to innovate the tour again by giving fans the best of both worlds – engaging with music fans online and through live, in-person performances,” said Jessika Laudermilk, senior manager of Honda Marketing. “We want to give pop music fans a new way to experience and connect with artists like the Future X who are changing the landscape, while also exposing young and first-time buyers to the Honda vehicles that best fit their lifestyles.”

This tour is a great example of how TikTok is changing the music and entertainment industry. As the majority of Gen Z are turning to TikTok for entertainment, information and escape it is important for industry leads to recognise the important impact that TikTok can have on the success of music artists.

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