Snapchat’s NFT Artwork Integration

Snapchat Becomes The Latest Social Media To Adopt NFTs Into Their Digital Roster 

The Social Media has been reported to have been investing in a new process which would allow users to convert their NFTs into AR lenses. These can then be inserted into Snaps. This development allows users to integrate three-dimensional versions of their NFTs into their Snapchats. From face masks to objects in the frame, these NFTs can be integrated in a range of different ways.

[Creds: mobilesyrup]

NFT integration is nothing new. Twitter for example has introduced a whole new profile display option that allows users to see NFT. As well as this Instagram is sampling a new option where users can display their NFTs at the top of their profiles. 

The difference between these social media approaches and Snapchat’s is that Snapchat’s feature explores the concept of AR (augmented reality). Currently, Meta’s main focus has been on VR and integrating this within their networks but with Snapchat aiming to merge the digital and physical world, this may be a step in the right direction for the development of the NFT world. 

[Creds: ARPost]

As AR is set to be the next big thing in the tech world, this integration may have more success than some of the other social media approaches. 

NFTs have not been as successful as those in the tech industry would have hoped. But despite this, there is still a large market for digital items from digital art to digital worlds. This is nothing especially new. As long as video games have been around there have been means to exchange money for digital items and this continues today in the likes of Roblox and Fortnite. 

With the nature of social media apps changing daily, it would be great to see some success off the back of this project for Snapchat.

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