The Mystery Behind the Marketing Campaign Netflix Hit ‘Lupin’

Netflix is renowned for pushing boundaries through original marketing campaigns. Audiences saw this with ‘Beef’, or the more controversial but highly successful ‘Sex Education’. In October, Netflix released the brand new season of ‘Lupin’: a modern retelling of the story of the French Thief, ‘Arsène Lupin’. Seeing the show’s success, Netflix opted for a fun, original and intriguing marketing campaign to promote the start of the new season – and it didn’t go unnoticed.

[Image Creds: Famous Campaigns]

The streaming giant recreated marketing campaigns of renowned luxury brands, like Chanel or Tiffany & Co., but removed the high-end accessories originally in the posters, leaving in their place tan-lines, hinting that these pieces had either vanished or been possibly stolen. The campaign was highly successful, thanks to its originality and way of presenting a storyline to the audience in an unconventional way that immediately grabs your attention. As you see the giant poster, one might wonder: Who stole the watch? Are they going to catch the person who did it? Did they ever recover the missing jewellery? These questions will intrigue not only fans who have already watched the first two seasons, but also a new audience contemplating watching the show.

The campaign is a brilliant fusion of minimalism and satire. It demonstrates to the audience that, even without extravagant accessories, the posters remain highly engaging and even more intriguing for the audience as they try to unravel the story behind the missing pieces. As the campaign was launched right before the Paris Fashion week, the timing of Netflix was impeccable as the excitement around fashion was now brought onto the entertainment industry. 

With upcoming shows like ‘Emily in Paris’, ‘The Night Agent’, or ‘Wednesday’, which should have their new season released in 2024 or 2025, we’re excited to see the next marketing campaign Netflix has in store as they keep pushing the boundaries of creativity.

[Image Creds: Variety]

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