Must-know Gen Z Slang

Understanding Generation Z’s Lingo

With every generation comes a new lingo, and for today’s generation, Gen Z (those born between the mid-to-late 1990s and early 2010s), it’s no different. Here are 25 useful Gen Z slang words that you should know.

It’s Giving… – A phrase used before describing a situation or thing, using a positive ironic connotation, e.g. “It’s giving Miley Cyrus.

Cap/No Cap – A lie / the truth.

Slay(ed) – To do something amazingly. 

That’s Jokes – That is funny.

Bombastic Side Eye – Used when something is weird, or inappropriate.

Era – The time of your life you are in, reflected in your interests.

Pop Off / Go Off [Queen] – Used as words of encouragement.

Facts – Agreeing when the truth has been told.

Lit – Great.

Left No Crumbs – Did an exceptional job at something.

Understood the Assignment – Is doing well (in anything).

Glow up – An improvement of oneself.

Main character – When somebody is giving off an energy suggesting they would be a main character in a movie, or does something outstanding.

Low key – Genuinely. 

Tea – Gossip.

Salty – Bitter about something.

If You Know, You Know – Do you understand what I mean?

The Girls That Get It, Get It. The Girls That Don’t, Don’t – Only a few people will understand.

I’m Weak – Used when something funny happens, or is said.

Sending Me – Short for “Sending me over the edge.”

Mad – Really.

Hella – Really.

Its the ___ for me – Used to point out a key detail of a situation / person.

Gaslight – A manipulative tactic.

Gatekeep – Keep something for yourself, in fear of it getting too popular.

Cancel Culture – A word used to shame actions / opinions and organisations.

Stan – A combination of “stalker” and “fan“. Think crazed Harry Styles or Taylor Swift devotees.

W – Short for “win”.

L – Short for “loss“.

Dank – Excellent or of very high quality.

Cheugy – Something that’s not at all trendy. Usually associated with millennials.

Camp – A word used to describe something as ironically trendy.

TFW – Stands for “That Feeling When“. For example, TFW you get off of work early.

Woke – Being politically aware.

Bop – An exceptionally good song.

Sheesh – An exclamation used to hype someone up if they’re looking good or doing something good.

Living Rent Free [In Someone’s Mind] – A phrase to indicate that someone can’t stop thinking about something.

Hits Different – Something that is unique or better than usual.

Bet – Another way of saying “yes” or to confirm something.

Vibe Check – Assessing someone or something’s energy / mood.

Period(t) – Used to end a statement, adding emphasis to the point being made.

I’m Weak – A phrase to describe something hilarious. Similar to “I’m dead“.

Main Character – Someone who is well-liked and charismatic. Also used to describe someone who is making a scene.

[It] Slaps – To describe something that’s exceptionally good.

[That’s] Bussin’ – To describe something that you like.

Extra – Someone who is out-there (dramatic), or takes things to the next level of flamboyance.

G.O.A.T – Short for “The Greatest Of All Time,” used to describe someone / something as incredible.

Clapback – A way to respond to something you have been called out for.

This Ain’t It Chief – A phrase used to give disapproval.

Smol – Something that is small and, in most cases, adorable.

Hopefully these 25 Gen Z slang words have helped you to understand their lingo that bit better! Feel free to weave them into your digital marketing mix.

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