TikTok For Businesses

How to Tap into TikTok and Why It’s Your Next Best Move

The idea that TikTok is just for kids, rather than a necessary platform for businesses, is coming to a sharp halt. According to Demand Sage, the app has almost 1.5 billion users, representing 22% of the world’s active social media users. To put this in perspective, Instagram, with 2 billion users, has been around for 6 more years than TikTok. So, forget the idea that it’s not worth managing another social media and put TikTok at the top of your to-do list. 

[Photo Creds: Forbes]

Let’s Talk Strategy

The first step to starting a new account is establishing a uniform style. The platform is inherently about taking risks and trying out new trends that are light-hearted, fun and eye-catching to differentiate your videos from the infinite scroll. A key theme of TikTok is authenticity and relatability. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and branch off from typical branding; the purpose of the platform is to increase reach and get discovered. If the user wants more information, they can head to a website or other social media platform via the links provided in your bio. Chipotle is an example of a business that is using the platform to its fullest potential. 

[Photo Creds: @Chiptle TikTok]

Here Are Tips to Get Started

1. Stick to a consistent font and colour scheme 

This will look more aesthetically pleasing and cohesive when a user is directed to your account page. 

2. Post content that is of value to the target audience

For example, if you are a local coffee shop, show a step-by-step recipe of the most popular coffee order. A helpful way to think about it is to put yourself in the target audience’s shoes and think if you would watch the video.

3. Keep up with the current trends 

These are time-sensitive trends that can come and go within a week, or even a day. It’s important to put time towards scrolling through and gathering inspiration for content, whilst being tuned into trends. This will increase your chances of popping up on people’s For You page (via user generated content) because that type of video is currently generating more views. 

4. Use relevant hashtags 

This will increase visibility and reach and helps people find similar content they are interested in. Using tags that are relevant to current trends can also give an extra boost.

5. Invest in Influencer Marketing 

TikTok is one of the leading social media apps for influencers. Since the app is known for its relatability and light-hearted content, influencers simply show the product or service and how it fits into their everyday lives, without being overtly sales-focused.

Good News! It’s a Business-friendly Platform 

TikTok is a very business-friendly platform that offers different ways to advertise. 

  • Top view: the ad users see when they open the app.
  • In-feed videos: ads that pop up in between content scrolling through feed. This can increase clicks and web traffic.
  • Brand takeovers: allow brands to take over TikTok for the day and create images or videos that directly link to a promotion or website. This can be a great way to utilise current trends to increase brand awareness.
  • Branded effects: allow for business to be put in the background and include a brand logo -similar to Snapchat filters. 

To sum up, TikTok is not a platform that should slip through the cracks and it is full of untapped potential opportunities for growth. 

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