Glastonbury Festival: Battle of the Brands

Year after year, a multitude of eager souls anticipate five enchanting days in the heart of Somerset, where iconic artistic, fashion, and musical memories come to life.

It’s not just the musical maestros who strive to leave a lasting impression, but also a myriad of beloved brands vying to be part of this remarkable occasion. While Glastonbury is selective in its brand partnerships, it values innovation, creativity, and resonance with festival goers. This year, a significant change occurred as Vodafone replaced EE, sparking curiosity about the reasons behind this transition and the impact it had on the festival experience.

Brands at Glastonbury: Tradition and Innovation

Glastonbury Festival has a history of nurturing long-standing relationships with brands that embody the festival’s spirit. WaterAid, the main water and toilet providers since 1994, and Greenpeace, returning every year since 1992, have become integral parts of the Glastonbury family. Similarly, the BBC has been the festival’s primary broadcaster since 1997, ensuring comprehensive coverage of performances and interviews. However, there was one brand that didn’t seem to make an appearance this year, and it looks like connections have been broken…

EE’s Departure and Vodafone’s Arrival

While Glastonbury values tradition, its organisers are not afraid of change either. This year, EE, a familiar presence in previous editions, notably did not make an appearance. The decision to replace EE with Vodafone brought about significant changes in terms of connectivity and services.

[Image Creds: Vodafone UK]

A Connectivity Revolution

One common expectation among festival goers is a temporary disconnection from the outside world due to limited network coverage and charging facilities. However, Vodafone swiftly emerged as the hero of connectivity at Glastonbury. Their rapid data services left festival goers awestruck, resulting in a staggering 169 terabytes of data consumed throughout the festival. To put this into perspective, that’s equivalent to downloading the film Rocket Man in HD 400 times per hour for the entire duration of the festival! This impressive feat represents a 99% increase from the previous year, leaving EE in the shadows.

This year, people were up to date with festival notifications through the Vodafone app, had fully charged phones with the free charging facilities, and were able to post about their weekends away… I think it’s safe to say everyone could certainly #FeelTheConnection.

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