Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

…Or is it ‘Barbenheimer”?

The ‘Barbie vs Oppenheimer’ debate has become a phenomenon on social media. Ever since eagle-eyed film fans noticed the two were set for release on the same day, they’ve been pitted against each other with speculations over which will conquer the box office.

What started as friendly competition turned into a coming together of the two films’ audiences to create ‘Barbenheimer.’

Two films that could not possibly be more different are now being packaged together as the must-see event of the summer. One a vibrant and whimsical story following the journey of a beloved icon of childhood, and the other a dark and intense thriller delving into the complexities of scientific innovation and its profound impact on humanity.

Once it was established one should not be watched without seeing the other, the internet began a discourse on the ‘correct’ order in which to watch them. Twitter user @ULTRAGLOSS put together what she believes is the perfect ‘Barbenheimer’ day itinerary: 

Despite the general consensus that the two films now come hand-in-hand, some thought the pairing felt forced. Twitter user @itszaeok said ‘i’m tired of pretending to care about the movie that’s not the barbie movie omg.’

The cast of Barbie has recently embarked on an extensive and widely covered press tour. Margot Robbie, has been giving Architectural Digest an exclusive look at the vibrant and pink set. In contrast, Universal has taken a more covert approach, teasing audiences with enigmatic trailers that reveal minimal details about the film, leaving the audience curious and intrigued.

Early box office forecasts predict that Barbie will enjoy a successful opening weekend, estimated to make $80 million. On the other hand, Oppenheimer is projected to earn only half of that amount. Surprisingly, the link with Barbie could be considered the best form of publicity Oppenheimer could have wished for. The association with such a high-profile film like Barbie could potentially draw more interest and attention to Oppenheimer, inadvertently benefiting from the hype surrounding the Barbie movie.

[Image Creds: Pinterval]

Despite this, Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan appears less than pleased with the link between the two films, possibly due to his complicated history with Barbie’s producers, Warner Bros. Nevertheless, the stark contrast in marketing approaches between Barbie and Oppenheimer could prove to be an intriguing point of discussion among film enthusiasts and industry experts, generating further curiosity about both projects.

With both films set for release on July 21st, it remains to be seen which will come out on top.

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[Featured Image Creds: Sean Longmore, @ThatTallGinger]