YouTube Music Tests Out New ‘Downloads’ Filter

Music Streaming Service Tests Out New Feature Allowing You To Find Offline Downloads

In addition to testing a ‘Library’ filter, YouTube Music is rumoured to be getting a ‘Downloads’ tab in search, likely on the back of criticism surrounding how the music streaming service handles content stored offline.

Currently, downloaded content (songs, albums and playlists) can be found in a dedicated view from the ‘Library’ tab. Whilst the service gives users a ‘Recent Activity’ carousel, a ‘Shuffle all’ option and a ‘Play Offline Mixtape’ shortcut, these downloads cannot be easily organised.

With this new ‘Downloads’ filter – spotted by a Reddit user – users should be able to refine their search results, with the media grouped into “Songs” and “Albums.”

[Image Creds: JettyMarc11, Reddit]

Testing has only begun; it is not currently clear whether YouTube will ultimately opt for Downloads, Library or both search filters.

What is clear is that Google has made a concerted effort to enhance the search experience for YouTube Music users, from making UI tweaks to quickening the time taken to start play songs.

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