WWE Recruits Next Ring Announcer Through TikTok

TikTokers With The “Most Entertaining” Video Will Be Offered a Once In a Lifetime Trip To Vegas and a Job With WWE

Ever thought of a career in ring announcing? Do you also create hot content on TikTok? Well, you’re in luck if you tick both boxes, as professional wrestling company WWE are on the hunt for their next ring announcer, using the popular video-streaming social platform to find it.

Those part-time TikTokers part-time wrestling enthusiasts wishing to enter must upload a video an entertaining video with the hashtag #WWEAnnouncerContest. The lucky winner will embark on the trip of a lifetime to SummerSlam – WWE’s biggest event of the year – at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on August 21.

TikTok’s recently launched Resume feature, allowing applicants to “creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences,” will help WWE spot the worthy and weed out the non-worthy. Finalists will then have to attend a multi-day talent try-out before the winner is announced.

[Image Creds: cnet]

The world-famous wrestling show already has an immense following of over 11 million followers on the social video app.

WWE Vice President Steve Braband stated, “Our engagement on TikTok to date has been incredible, and we couldn’t think of a better platform to help us find the next great ring announcer.

Could TikTok really evolve into a dominant employment service? What can the increasingly popular video-streaming platform not do?

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