Twitter’s Paid ‘Super Follows’ Lets You Charge for Tweets

Twitter Announces Two Big Upcoming Changes

Yesterday, Twitter announced the upcoming launch of two features – firstly, the ability for users to charge their followers to see certain posts, and secondly, the creation of interest-focused groups.

The first feature, ‘Super Follows,’ encourages users to create distinct content that their followers have to buy access to. This content might include bonus Tweets, community access, subscriber-only newsletters or personalised deals. Twitter posted a mock-up, showing a creator charging £4.99 a month for this exclusive pack of goodies.

[Image Creds: Twitter]

These days, monetisation features are popping up left, right and centre on platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Both collectively and competitively, these social media giants are building lucrative eco-systems for their creators. Twitter is now jumping on the bandwagon (whilst likely taking a cut as a new source of revenue.)

The upcoming ‘Super Follows’ feature has caused a stir online. After The Verge posted a Tweet about the new update, an army of Twitter users responded expressing their disapproval:

[Image Creds: Twitter]

The second feature is called ‘Communities,’ which seems somewhat reminiscent of Facebook ‘Groups.’ People can build and join groups based on specific interests, within which a stream of relevant Tweets appears.

[Image Creds: Twitter]

There’s no current timeline for when Twitter will launch these features, but be aware that they’re in the pipeline. One contentious, one not so much so – it will be interesting to see how users react to these noteworthy changes.

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