Twitter May Be Developing Tweet Awards

Twitter Appears To Be Working On Their New ‘Awards’ Option For Tweets

Over the past few years, Twitter has introduced a range of new features which build on top of the existing ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ buttons. This has included Super Follows and Subscriptions. Their newest addition that they appear to be working on is an Award feature.

[Creds: FaisalOnline]

Within a tweet, by Jane Manchun Wong she shows how a new gift icon has appeared in the lower tweet function bar. A few social media sites have already implemented these changes for example Facebook has their ‘virtual gifts’ feature and users can offer ‘gifts’ to users on TikTok Lives. It seems as though Twitter may follow in a similar vein and is just following suit on this change.

The feature would allow users to support their favourite creators in a meaningful way which would be able to be specific as users can donate to an individual tweet rather than the account in general.

Based on Wong’s high follower number this new update may be connected to high follower numbers but this is yet to be seen.

[Creds: TheHollywoodReporter]

The monetisation of content is important for creators and historically there have not been structures in place which allow for Twitter stars to make any money from the app compared to other social media platforms such as Youtube.

If this change actually comes to fruition it could be a great opportunity for users and would help to solidify the app as a place where creators can really thrive.

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