LinkedIn Pushing to Improve User Experience

Chief Product Officer Tomor Cohen Provides Insight Into the Changes Being Implemented to Improve how People Utilise the Platform

With a growing social media market, organisations will want to ensure the user experience provided is optimised for how people wish to engage with others on the platform. Doing so means the features designed to facilitate the intended objectives should be presented in the simplest format, allowing users to use the platform as they see fit.

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As such, organisations should follow in the footsteps of LinkedIn, who have announced a range of new changes to their platform. Tomor Cohen, their Chief Product Officer, recently announced in a post that multiple user experience changes are coming to the website, improving how people engage with one another. Headlined “5 Need to Know Feedback Updates”, these changes came about after a range of responses were provided to him from a previous post.

The 5 changes can be summarised as follows:

  1. Better Ways of Curating the Feed – These changes were focused on providing better filtering tools for the feed, including the ability to unfollow and provide feedback. This also includes the facilitation of discovering important communities and events.
  2. Better Ways to Organise Messaging Inbox – This includes features making it easier to connect with colleagues, request conversation filters, enable auto-responses and the implementation of video formats.
  3. Better Tools to Advance Careers – These include improved accessibility to mentorship programmes, as well as easier ways to attend Audio Events. 
  4. Better Content Performance Measuring – LinkedIn has focused on improving analytics on posts, allowing users to see how people engage with content provided.
  5. Crypto and Metaverse Curiosity – Here, LinkedIn has seen various opportunities, but they have not been entirely clear on what the changes being implemented will be.

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All of these changes can be traced back to the previously mentioned post asking for suggestions from Tomor Cohen; taking references from the actual users of the platform should help to bolster greater positive feedback overall. This should also help to keep LinkedIn’s environment similar in communication and engagement as one would find in a real, in-person workplace.

In implementing these changes, LinkedIn has provided a greater avenue of satisfaction to their users, as they have managed to implement the changes they wanted to see. As such, this should motivate users to continue using the platform, and engage for greater periods of time. Furthermore, this also highlights LinkedIn’s ability to follow through on their communications, and provide greater connection capabilities.

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Overall, these changes should help to bolster users to the platform if it’s clear they can utilise it in a more efficient manner. Using advice from users should be something all social media platforms use, so as to optimise the user experience for all.

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