Instagram Pushes Into the Creator Economy

With New Advice Being Offered, Instagram Seems to be Establishing Their Place as a Home for Creators Online

The creator economy online has become increasingly diverse, thanks in part to the push of social media platforms to keep the people on them active. However, if wanting to act competitively in this market, the different organisations providing these platforms will need to highlight the monetary possibilities which motivate individuals, as well as put a spotlight on what they can do to support their creators in the long-run.

No clearer is this right now than with Instagram, who have just launched the Creator Lab to help creators understand how the platform works. In the Creator Lab, users can view tips on how to navigate the elements of Instagram, breaking down how to build a community and grow long-term monetarily. All of this comes directly from videos of creators already present on the platform, giving Instagram a heightened sense of credibility in their offerings. 

[Creds: Fast Company]

Instagram appears to have published this for two main reasons; to offer greater clarity on how Instagram works, and to eliminate the competition in the creator economy. Although Instagram had somewhat started to explain how their algorithm works in a blog post in June of last year, there still seems to be confusion surrounding how creators can use it to their advantage. 

Additionally, providing these tools and tips now will enable Instagram to establish a sense of credibility to the platform, especially as the tips are coming directly from those who understand how Instagram works. Put together, these seem to give Instagram a strong competitive edge over the likes of TikTok, and potentially YouTube.

[Creds: Tintup]

Having these tips out now will help Instagram establish the basis for sustainable growth if creators are able to understand how they work. Developing strategies will allow them to do so, and attract more users in the long-run.

With the creator economy rapidly growing with more platforms getting active, Instagram needs to make sure all the tools provided are used and actually help out, otherwise their efforts will be for nothing.

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