Tinder Adds New ‘Block Your Ex’ Feature

Tinder Has Created A New Feature To Avoid Awkward Swiping Encounters

After a break up, you can change your number, delete your ex’s from your phone, avoid their most-visited spots, or even – if you want to go to more extreme measures – move to a different area. Escaping your ex in the virtual world, however, can often be more difficult task.

This issue is one that popular dating service Tinder has identified and seeks to rectify with its new feature. You’ll soon be able to block exes, family members or enemies on the platform, waving goodbye to the anxiety surrounding swiping and stumbling across someone you know.

According to one of Tinder’s surveys, 40% of users have come across their ex-partner whilst using the app, 24% have come across a family member, and one in ten has encountered their professor.

Encountering an ex-partner on an app that’s all about finding new love could bring back unwanted memories, whilst discovering a family member or professor is, for most, outright awkward.

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How will the new feature work? You will be able to select and block specific phone contacts from seeing your Tinder profile.

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Tinder’s ‘Block Contacts’ feature was first tested out in India, Korea and Japan. A report showed that members who utilised it added, on average, a dozen contacts onto their blocked list.

Whilst this feature might be great for some, there are concerns that it could facilitate cheating within relationships. Specifically, users will be able to block their partner and friends from Tinder, giving them free rein to use the app in secrecy.

Will this feature have a positive effect, being a saving grace for those fed up of awkward interactions and encounters? Or will it just encourage sneaky and immoral behaviour?

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