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The Social Short: Week 5

Facebook plans to integrate all its messaging platforms

Facebook recently announced the plan to integrate all its messaging services (Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp). The three services will still remain on separate apps, however the infrastructure behind the scenes would be the same. Facebook’s main objective is to improve encryption and security across all platforms.



Instagram expands ways to promote Instagram Stories

“Share Link” and “Promote” are two new features now available on Instagram Stories. These can be found on the ‘more’ option (the three dots situated on the bottom right corner) on your Instagram Story. The features will enable users to drive traffic towards their website or Instagram profile and to prompt viewers to send them a message via Instagram Direct. Both features will be beneficial particularly to influencers, brands and markets, as it will help bring more awareness and engagement to their stories.



You can now share your favourite Netflix series on Instagram Stories

From posting about your latest restaurant visit to what your favourite new song is on Spotify —we share almost every intricate detail of our lives on social media. iPhone users can now share their favourite films or TV shows directly from Netflix onto their Instagram Stories.

Netflix’s intention is to make it easier for members to share their current Netflix obsessions, while simultaneously helping them discover something new to watch.



Facebook adds new ‘Page Quality’ tab

The ‘Page Quality’ tab is a new feature aimed to stop activity that violates Community Standards and ‘false’ content. It will help Page managers to get a better grasp about how well (or not) their Pages are complying with Facebook’s Guidelines. This feature provides insights into any potential rule violations on their page.

As explained by Facebook: “[Through the Page Quality tab] people who manage a Page will see when we remove certain content that goes against our Community Standards and when we reduce the distribution of posts that have been rated false by a third-party fact-checker.”