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The Social Short: Week 4

You can now promote events in Facebook Stories.


With Facebook constantly adding new features and enhancing user-experience on Facebook Stories, you might have to give it a second chance…

The latest update will come in handy for event planners, as you can now promote events on Facebook Stories. As seen on the image below, the event will appear as a sticker. From there, viewers can directly click to the event page, where they can find out more details regarding the event and express their interest in attending. This will help generate awareness and higher attendance.



Facebook is working on a newly-dedicated meme feed called ‘LOL’

Over the last few years, Facebook has witnessed a decline in their younger demographic of users. Several reports have suggested that this decline is due to Facebook not being “cool” and the inevitable popularisation of other social media platforms.

Facebook acknowledges the power and importance the youth generation holds in helping them to maintain their status as the leading social app, hence why it is focusing on improving app features (as seen across examples like group video chat, Facebook Stories and Lasso) to reboot its youth attraction.

Facebook is currently in the process of making a new rendition of what seems like Instagram’s discovery page. They are calling it LOL — a dedicated feed showcasing a compilation of funny videos and GIF clips with the intention of making users literally Laugh Out Loud. It is divided into categories such as ‘For You’, ‘Animals’, ‘Fails’, and ‘Pranks’, with content pulled from News Feed posts by top meme pages on Facebook.



Twitter is beta testing its new conversational features

Twitter will be testing out its new design for the way its reply threads work. Its goal is to make interactions more conversational by making it easier to track how conversations are happening with the following features to be tested:

  1. Colour-coded responses: This is to help differentiate between replies from the original poster of the tweet, people you follow and people you don’t follow.
  2. Algorithmically sorted responses: This will allow you to see replies most relevant to you.
  3. Removing engagement icons: Removal of the retweet and heart button aims to make the conversation look sleek. This option will only show up when users click on a particular post.
  4. Status indicator features: A green dot will appear next to your icon when you are active on Twitter. The idea being that if people see that you are active, they are more likely to engage in a conversation with you.


Youtube adds new swiping option to enhance user experience

Youtube is introducing a new option for viewers to ‘swipe left’ to go to the next video, or ‘swipe right’ to go back to the previous video. You can also ‘sneak peek’ the next video by partially swiping right. This new feature aligns with the broader industrial shift towards swiping functionalities derived from Stories formats.