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The Social Short: Week 3

Instagram allows you to post on multiple accounts at the same time

Instagram’s new feature will have social media marketers rejoicing, as it will facilitate content posting across multiple accounts.

Once implemented, this feature can be found below the location tag option. There you will see a list of all the accounts you manage and can dictate where your post should be published. For businesses that need to post a piece of content across multiple channels, this will significantly cut down on time spent posting.


Twitter announces upcoming changes to image support

Twitter’s new update will change the way PNG files will be handled by the app when they’re uploaded.

Essentially, Twitter will convert uploaded PNG files to the more compact JPEG format in order to reduce file size. In other words, visual content will be of a lower quality. This intends to lessen data load and create a more uniformed user experience.

Twitter’s new updates will allow more control over the feed

Twitter’s new features will allow users to have more control over their feeds through DIY filtering and the ability to see posts in real-time.

In addition to bringing back the option to toggle on/off between a chronological and algorithmic timeline (insert link to blog post about chronological timeline), users can now dictate what shows up on their algorithmic timeline. This can be achieved by providing feedback such as “show fewer tweets from this person” or “this isn’t relevant to me” for every tweet you see. This way, you are able to teach the algorithm what is relevant to you and filter out all the unnecessary content.



YouTube is removing its built-in Twitter and Google+ automatic sharing tools

YouTube has recently revealed plans to disable its built-in sharing features via Twitter and Google+. Starting from the 31st of January, instead of sharing your YouTube activity with a one-step share button procedure, you will have to manually spread the word about your video uploads.

YouTube believes that social sharing works more effectively when messages are curated in an organic and customised manner. Although some might view this as more work, it could be perceived as a beneficial strategy to attract more traffic seeing that authentic content is what draws engagement nowadays.