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The Social Short: Week 39

YouTube Launches New Reach Campaign Format

Global Marketers; rejoice! YouTube has just announced a brand new format called Video Reach Campaigns. This new update will allow advertisers to upload multiple video creatives into a single Video Reach Campaign. Google will then harness machine learning technology to automatically optimise the campaign, using the most efficient combination of different YouTube ads.

Vishal Sharma, VP of product management at YouTube, stated on their Google Ads Blog that “this will allow for optimized, more effective campaigns and free up [marketer’s] time to focus on more strategic priorities that can differentiate [their] business.”

Since the announcement, Ford reported that the new offering reduced campaign costs by more than 20% compared to its previous YouTube campaigns.“The positive results of the Video Reach campaigns not only provided cost efficiencies while maintaining effectiveness, but also the confidence to implement this tactic across additions campaigns,” said Ford’s Head of U.S. Media Lisa Shoder.




Twitter Turns Lists Into Alternate, Swipeable Timelines On iOS

A new development by Twitter enables users to swipe between different groups, allowing users to have up to 5 lists as different timelines. Such lists can be used to filer timelines based on different subjects and can be made either public or private. Users are able to follow public lists whilst also unfollow lists that they have been added to by others. 

Although Twitter lists have been around for a while on TweetDeck, as this new development places it at the forefront of the app, it aims to maximise its use. Following this new update, further developments have enabled header images and member and subscriber lists to be seen more clearly. 



Pinterest Announces New Business Profile Format With Shop The Look Collection Ads

Pinterest’s latest development known as “Shop the Look collection” has enabled users to upload videos as their cover image. In their efforts of business holiday planning, this feature has enabled businesses to display up to 25 items using one pin, with a sneak viewing of 4 items at the bottom of the pin. Such developments enable brands to increase their direct Pinterest sales, optimising online buying behaviour. 

In addition, Pinterest has also created a new business profile format where brands can put customised images and videos in the header. This format provides users with an allocated “Shop” tab and an enhanced customer service messaging feature. Moreover, a “Catalogue” aspect will soon become available on Pinterest allowing businesses to transform all uploaded content into stoppable pins, maximising product showcasing. 




Snapchat Announces New Ad Formats And Expands Ad Length Limits

Snapchat is determined to show that it is a platform for driving consumer attention. With that in mind, Snapchat has announced a range of new ad and content updates with the purpose of providing advanced options for marketers.

As per David Roter, Snapchat’s VP of global agency partnerships: “Snapchat pioneered vertical video and we were one of the early creators of mobile premium content. We’re now expanding the maximum duration of Snap ads.” Snapchat will therefore now allow Ads to be up to 3 minutes long in selected formats, a considerable change from its 10-second limit. The extended Snap ads will be skippable, but will nonetheless enable expanded brand messaging.

It is true, however, that up until now, longer ads were possible, though not hosted directly on Snapchat’s platform, but rather by encouraging viewers to ‘swipe up’ to see more.

Seeing as Snapchat has been focusing on its Snap Originals content and will continue to do so by focusing on appealing to a younger audience, these ads will be attached to the expanding selection of original content.

These changes continue to highlight the platform’s evolving business offerings and is positioning the Snapchat on a path for future growth.