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The Social Short: Week 37

You Can Now Connect With Relevant Freelancers Through LinkedIn’s New ‘Find an Expert’ Option  

Back in July, LinkedIn rolled out new services listings for profiles, allowing freelancers to list the services they provide. In addition to this, they have now announced a new ‘Find an Expert’ option, which will enable users to put out a call for the help of specific experts. Somewhat similar to Facebook’s ‘Ask for Recommendations’, this new update will help freelancers find work opportunities more easily. According to LinkedIn, this new posting option is now available to all users globally.


Google Wants In On Stories Too, Rolls Out Memories 

The replication of platform features has become common practice in the current social media climate.

Google Photos’ newest update comes in a Stories-like format. As explained by Google:

“Starting today, you’ll see photos and videos from previous years at the top of your gallery in a new feature we’re calling Memories. While you might recognize this stories format from social media, these memories are your personal media, privately presented to you so you can sit back and enjoy some of your best moments.”

Although they are privately presented, they can be shared to other apps (As seen in the last frame). Google has also confirmed that they are using IA to curate these images; “We’re using machine learning to curate what appears in Memories, so you don’t have to parse through many duplicate shots, and you can instead reflect on the best ones

Seeing as Google Photos has increased its number of users it makes sense for them to innovate and try to maximise engagement.


Spotify Adds Snapchat Integration Letting Users Share Music To Stories 

The recent assimilation between Snapchat and Spotify will allow consumers to use the Snapchat stickers to add their favourite songs within their Snaps. Although this feature is unlike Facebook’s and Instagram’s music sticker option, it ultimately performs the same function as it allows consumers to share music directly from Spotify. 

The same can be said with Shazam as consumers can now use Snapchat to determine what track is playing and then send the sticker via Snap. Going forward, we can now be expecting Snapchat to cement this move and create an assigned music sticker feature. 


Facebook Adds New Tools For Public Figures, From Multi-Contributor Stories To Product Tags

The importance of influencers and creators has never gone amiss with social platforms understanding the importance of keeping contributors engaged. Based on this, Facebook has added an option that allows varying public figures to add to the same Facebook story in order to provide watchers with 360 views of events. Although this feature is similar to Facebook’s Group Story feature, it is actually more comparable to Snapchat’s Our Story feature, placing greater attention on specific events. 

In addition, Facebook is taking steps to integrate further with famous figures through a new News Feed feature and a new Facebook Story sticker, ‘Fan Reply’, which sets to increase engagement and interaction. By celebrities asking viewers to add additional content on a particular theme, the social platform has introduced a new effective way to increase participation levels.

Facebook’s also looking to improve its monetisation options for high profile users, introducing “swipe-up” shopping links in Facebook Stories as well as product tags in photos.