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Social Day and UK Social Media Communications Award Nominations!

More Awards Nominations!


Once again our talented team at Influence Digital have created impactful work that is being recognised across the industry. We’ve just received the amazing news we’ve been nominated for ‘Best Use Of AR Filter’ for our RS Components Cyborg filter at The Social Day awards and ‘Best Use of Instagram/Facebook’ for our RS Max Truck AR filter at The UK Social Media Communications Awards.

The ‘Best Use Of AR Filter’ category recognises brands that have displayed innovation and creativity and have demonstrated they have met or exceeded the campaign objectives through the use of content. We share the shortlist with the Tate museum and Heinz, so we are in good company. Whilst the ‘Best Use of Instagram/Facebook’ category champions brands that inform, entertain or motivate.

The winners for The Social Day Awards will be announced October 14th and the UK Social Media Communications Awards on 30th October. We’ll be keeping everything crossed!