Recreate Famous Voices with AI Audio Tool Uberduck

Uberduck: Celebrity Speech Bot Used for Viral TikTok Trend and Creating New Verses for Artists

If you’ve ever wanted a personalised message from a celebrity or to generate new verses for your favourite music artist, technology now has the solution.

A new AI tool called Uberduck allows you to make any text sound like it’s been read by a famous figure, whether thats a fictional character, public figure, actor or rapper; the voices on the system range from that of Spongebob to Kanye West to John F Kennedy.

[Image Creds: Google Images]

Uberduck blew up in May after a lawsuit was filed against TikTok by a women called Bev Standing, who claimed the app had stolen her voice for its default text to speech.

This incident forced the popular video-streaming service to swap their iconic voice simulation for another, causing an uproar amongst TikTokers who had grown fond of its comically monotone sound.


Many turned to the web to find other online services that transform your text into speech, which is when they stumbled across Uberduck. This entertaining audio tool is now used for a viral TikTok trend, where users pretend that their TikTok voice is stuck as a celebrity.

Now, netizens are using the tool in many other creative ways, including doing fake duets with, writing new lyrics for and creating humorous simulated situations using their favourite artists.

Uberduck also has the unique function of fairly accurately replicating a rapper’s flow, which has proven to be a particularly attractive feature for users. Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, for example, got Notorious B.I.G to rap his song Happy Endings and posted the result on TikTok.


Happy Endings by me feat. Notorious B.I.G. #Biggie #big #HappyEndings #Ai #Uberduck #texttospeech #deepfake #producer #music #rappersoftiktok #fyp

♬ original sound – Mike Shinoda

How Uberduck Works

In order to synthesise speech, you have to go to Uberduck’s website ( and log in with your Discord account.

Using the drop-down boxes, you can choose a category from the library and then the specific voice that you want to simulate.

[Image Creds: Uberduck]

Then, you type in your speech to synthesise and the speech bot does it for you – it’s as simple as that.

[Image Creds: Uberduck]

Uberduck is testament to how realistically AI can deepfake videos and audios, causing the distinction between reality and fiction to become increasingly blurred.

Are these technological advancements scary, creating greater potential for disinformation and defamation, or exciting, opening doors for new forms of entertainment?

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