Instagram Tests ‘Fan Club’ Stories and NFT-Style Collectibles

Instagram Is Experimenting with New Features, Aiming to Increase Interaction Within the App

Instagram is constantly striving to give more tools and creative freedom to its users, its most recent advancements being ‘Fan Club’ Stories and NFT-style ‘Collectibles’ in-app.

‘Fan Club’ Stories will allow users to post exclusive Stories, visible only to members of a specific group.

The image below, shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, shows that when an outsider attempts to access this exclusive content, a prompt will appear stating ‘Only members of [insert ‘Fan Club’ name] can see this Story.’

In addition to ‘Fan Club’ Stories, Instagram is experimenting with a new feature, Collectibles, which seemingly links to the current NFT trend.

The feature will allow Instagram users to bid on digital items whilst on the app, and then share the Collectible on Stories (with the Collectible label attached.)

[Image Creds: Social Media Today]

[Image Creds: Alessandro Paluzzi]

The NFT-style feature, however, is in the very early stages of development; no one really knows the ins and outs of it yet. All we know is that Instagram is launching new features for customers to interact, create, share and profit from digital art online.

The features are undeniably a great move from Instagram, as it looks to boost buying behaviour and increasing interaction within the app.

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