Instagram Test Removes ‘Add Post To Your Story’ Option

The Option to Share Feed Posts Within Stories Might Be On its Way Out

Instagram is constantly revamping its platform with new, innovative features. However, last week, the social media giant decided to test the waters with removing their well-used ‘Add Post To Your Story’ option.

[Image Creds: Instagram]

At the end of January, Instagram sent a selection of users an update reporting how the Instagram “community”wants to see fewer feed posts in stories.

[Image Creds: Instagram]

This development, interestingly, means that you can now share Tweets in your IG Stories, but not your own Instagram posts, whilst you can share IGTV previews, but not posts from your newsfeed.

There might be some sense in this change, considering many posts re-shared to Stories are ones users have already seen in their newsfeed – do they really want to have to see your selfie twice, just in different locations on the app? Probably not. Plus, as feed posts and Stories become more discrete units, it will prompt users to create content specifically dedicated to each stream.

On the other hand, there are many other vital uses for the ‘Add Post To Your Story’ option, such as companies showcasing posts from their clients, or users spreading the word on pressing political and educational topics.

When social media expert Matt Navarra posted about this test, Twitter blew up. Users had a lot to say about their potential inability to double-serve feed posts on their Stories, with many labelling the update “stupid” and “a joke.”

One user replied to the Tweet saying, “The algorithm has progressively turned the app into a showcase for the largest (and highest ad paying) accounts and advertisements for shitty products,” diluting the posts they want to see, from those users they opt to follow.

Navara’s following is clearly unrepresentative of the “community” of users that Instagram claims asked for this change.

At the moment, the removal of ‘Add Post To Your Story’ option is still in the experimental stage, but it might be implemented for all users soon – what’s your take on this update?

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