Instagram Reels Data Performance 2022

Instagram Have Shared Their Data Performance Stats For Instagram Reels 2022.

Today, social media has been focused on providing short-form video content since the rise and popularity of TikTok in the past couple of years. Thus, Instagram created Reels, similar to TikTok, providing videos to users’ video consumption needs.

Instagram has finally permitted us to take a look at the in-depth Instagram Reels data and performance statistics to give us a better understanding of how popular short-video content is.

Let’s have a closer look.

In 2022, Instagram Reels make up the most engagement than regular posts.

The engagement found from the static’s were that reels were providing a percentage of 1.95 of engagement, which are pretty good levels for Instagram.

Due to TikTok’s popularity, Instagram found a way to fight against the competition by creating Reels, and since then have succeeded in doing so.

Though TikTok continues to grow, Instagram Reels have become the top-performing content on Instagram. However, there have been engagement setbacks, especially over the past year, which will be interesting total a further look, due to the popular trend of ‘Make Instagram, Instagram Again’, and the content fatigue users are going through.

Credit: Instagram Reels Engagement Evolution (by followers); Socialinsider

When analysing Reels, what’s fascinating is that they can record higher but also lower engagement rates depending on the brand’s account size.

Here is the data revealed: 

  • The smallest accounts saw a higher engagement rate for Reels with over 3.70 percent.
  • Middle-sized accounts experienced an engagement rate of around 2.24 percent.
  • Large brand accounts had an average engagement rate between 1.38 to 1.51 percent.
Credit: Instagram Reels Engagement Rate (by followers); Socialinsider

Instagram Reels have an average video view rate of 2.54 %.

Having video content with such a limited/ short timeframe is more appealing to users as from many social media findings, users’ attention span has been decreasing, thus giving them multiple sources of distraction.

Compared to regular videos, Instagram Reels perform much better in terms of video views.

On average, it was recorded that Reels had a rate of 2.54 percent video views, then regular videos which scored only 1.74 percent.

Credit: Instagram Reels Average Video View Rate; Socialinsider

Instagram Reels have an average reach rate of 20.59 %.

Understanding the reach is a very vital metric. It’s there to understand the visibility and the brand growth potential on a specific platform. Likewise, it will help brands refine their Instagram content strategy and look into using Reels more.

When a brand creates Instagram Reels, the most important thing to remember is to align the Reel’s concept with the current trends and market requests on the platform. Only then will Reels content succeed in getting the reach and engagement a brand is looking for.

While small amounts get an average of 30 to 40 percent of reach, middle-sized accounts struggle with getting higher reach rates using Reels.

According to the data, these middle-sized profiles have an average reach rate of only ten percent.

Credit: Instagram Reels Average Reach Rate; Socialinsider

On the other hand, large accounts make quite a comeback, with a high score average of 25.62 percent in Reels reach rate. 

By looking at the reach performance statistics above, we can conclude that Reels could reach a rate of 100 percent, however, only in a situation where the Reel was shown Instagram Explore page as it will get discovery and watched by more users than just a brand’s followers.

Overall, the data show that Reels can create great results on the subjects of engagement and reach thanks to TikTok’s popularity. With high engagement levels, there is a demand for more short-form videos in the future. However, since the rise of popular content, video content creation has become difficult for many businesses trying to thrive on social media. Therefore, as seen from these statistics, the key to thriving on platforms such as Instagram is to follow the trends and keep an eye on what the data is saying.

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