‘Google for Creators’

Google Launches ‘Google for Creators’ to Assist Creators’ Development

The creative economy is worth over 104 billion in the UK. Therefore, Google launching their new ‘Google for Creators’ platform comes as no surprise. Their new platform is designed to assist creators’ development.

[Image Creds: Twitter]

The new resource offers creatives, who are hoping to create content businesses, a range of tips, guides and insights. The resource could be regarded as a step by step guide to developing an online presence

Now down to what the website provides:

For those new to the creative industry, the website provides a quiz which can help people to decide what they want to know more about. 

Those who have been successful in this field have provided insights to help creatives maximise their potential, and content strategies have been made available, providing creatives with a guide to building a sizeable audience and monetising their services

[Image Creds: blog.google]

Google also ensures that they link creatives back to the services that they have on offer, such as google insights and analytics, as well a community tab that connects like minded creatives. 

This tool is especially useful for creatives, as it offers actual practical insights into how to maximise creative potential compared to other guides, which often just provide impractical advice. If you are a creative, we would highly recommend checking out this tool. 

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