Facebook Launches Independent Artist Program

New Program Will Help Indie Artists to Get Their Tracks Across Facebook’s Products

The social media giant Facebook has launched a new Independent Artist Program, aiming to get indie artists’ tracks heard via its various products – Instagram, Instagram Stories, Reels and Facebook – and bring them into the limelight.

Facebook announced that this move would “help artists get their music on Facebook and Instagram quickly, seamlessly and at no cost to the artists.

The launch is a product of Facebook’s partnership with third-party music distributors, DistroKid and TuneCore.

How will the process work? Artists not yet signed to labels will need to upload their music to TuneCore or Distrokid. Then, their tracks will then be added to Facebook’s existing music library free of charge, encouraging users to select their music as soundtracks for their posts.

What’s more, artists will be paid (albeit based on the chosen distributor) whenever Facebook platforms use their music, as well as allowed access to data and insights.

[Image Creds: Music Business Worldwide]

The co-head and chief revenue officer of TuneCore Andreea Gleeson said in a statement: “These days, we are seeing a levelling of the playing field as discovery is happening via social media and no longer solely dependent on industry executives and DJs handpicking hits,

Facebook’s new venture is an exciting fresh chapter for indie artists, and will likely disrupt the music industry as it stands. That being said, could this heightened focus on independent talent potentially tarnish the record label business?

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