TikTok’s Tube Girl

Sabrina Bahsoon, or as you may know her, Tube Girl, has taken the internet by storm with her dance videos set in the heart of the London Underground.

Her journey began in August with her first Tube video, which has since amassed over 8 million views. Armed with the back camera of her phone in 0.5 mode, she dances and films herself amidst the bustling Tube crowds. Sabrina’s videos perfectly capture her boundless energy and spontaneity, and they’ve resonated with millions of viewers.¬†

Tube Girl’s impact goes far beyond mere entertainment; it has sparked a wave of imitation on TikTok. However, many people openly admit they feel self-conscious about filming themselves in public, let alone whilst dancing.


Credit: @gracetaylor_xx on TikTok


However, many have taken inspiration from her and attempted to recreate her videos, illustrating the widespread impact of her message. One notable example is Australian TikToker Ollie Bowman, who is recognised for his public antics and his viral “shoulder injury dance.” Much like Tube Girl, Ollie’s videos radiate authenticity and unbridled enthusiasm, reminding us that the digital age welcomes unapologetic self-expression and garners dedicated followings. Tube Girl’s influence extends beyond her own videos; it has ignited a broad and vibrant trend, fuelled by the belief that being true to yourself is the ultimate form of liberation.

Credit: @mrmelk_ on TikTok

Tube Girl’s dance videos have lit up the underground and the internet. As her influence keeps growing on TikTok, it’s a great reminder that in the digital age, its best to just be yourself.

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