The Social Short: Week 20

Google Is Bringing AR To Search

Google I/O 2019 came with a number of announcements. Notably, Google is planning on bringing AR to Search. “We are moving from a company that helps you find answers to a company that gets things done,” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “Our goal is to build a more helpful Google for everyone.”

As the company demonstrated, users will be able to Google something and see it right in front of them. Google will therefore provide 3D models within the search engine’s Knowledge box, which will give users a better understanding of what they’re searching for. Although it is unclear how many of these 3D models will appear in Search or whether publishers will be able to create their own, it will be something to look forward to. Indeed, according to different sources, it would appear that Google may already working with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Volvo, and other companies to create 3D models for Search.



Nike Reveals AR Feature That Will Let You Find The Perfect Size

What size shoe do you wear, or more importantly, what size Nike do you wear? Depending on the model, you might be looking at a range of different sizes. When wanting to buy a new pair of sneakers, how do you make the right decision? Nike says that according to industry research, over 60 percent of people wear the wrong size shoes. With Nike Fit, the company is hoping to solve that problem. Nike isn’t the only shoe company that has sought to improve fit, however, there seems to be some novelty in the way they want to achieve this, for they will be relying on Augmented Reality. With Nike Fit the company will be introducing a feature that uses a combination of computer vision, scientific data, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms to scan the person’s feet in order to best advise them on fit. Once you’ve used the AR tools to measure your feet, the information will be saved in your Nike profile.

The rollout of this new feature will continue for some time. At launch, it’ll be available in the US only, but stores in Europe are set to introduce the system in August, with  integrating it as well.



Instagram Working On A New Account Removal Policy

Instagram has reportedly been working on new rules for banning accounts. The social media giant is planning on rolling out a new policy which will standardise the time frame and the number of violations necessary to ban a profile. Moreover, they will not be revealing either one of these numbers so that they avoid people gaming the policy. Accounts will be removed after an undisclosed amount of violations and an undisclosed window of time. Currently, Instagram accounts are allowed “a certain percentage” of violations within a window of time before they are taken down/banned. Accounts with a high posting volume are therefore more likely to get away with more violations over time.

This is all about to change. With the new policy, the same bar will be in place for every user, regardless of how often (or not) they post. Instagram has also announced that it will soon allow users to appeal posts that have been taken down, directly from inside the app.

This new policy comes after Instagram and Facebook decided to finally ban Alex Jones and other far-right extremists. Both companies have faced criticism in the past over how they’ve handled extremist and other sensitive content on their platforms. This is a step in the right direction for Instagram.



Instagram Launches @shop Account To Boost Interest In Shoppable Posts And Community Trends

Instagram has launched a new @shop account managed by an internal team that will curate shoppable posts from across the app. It is another step Instagram is taking towards e-commerce initiatives. A spokesperson for Instagram said that the “content featured on @shop will be 100% community-trends driven. The team managing @shop will work with the Community Labs team at Instagram to identify trends, brands and creators that are of interest to our community so the account will be a real-time indicator of what’s new and emerging on Instagram”. Mobile users can now visit this account, look at the products being showcased and tap on their tag to buy them directly from the app.

The project is led by Eva Chen, Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships and former editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine. The account will benefit both users and brands as it will get them more exposure and will expand their reach. If successful in doing so, it will prove that online shopping continues to evolve and steer business away from publications.