Spotify Introduces ‘Blend’

Explore Playlists Designed for You and Your Best Friends

On Tuesday, Spotify introduced ‘Blend’ – a feature that detects any crossover in your and your friends’ music tastes, and builds personalised playlists for you both to enjoy.

These playlists are designed based on users’ favourite and most listened to songs, specifically those that “bring” them and their pals “together“. 

[Image Creds: Spotify]

Prior to receiving your personalised playlist, you’ll be able to see a ‘taste match score‘, which calculates how similar you and your best friend’s listening preferences are.

The digital music, podcast and video service announced the feature back in June, when it was still in beta testing, and released it following the success of Wrapped playlists and the Only You listening hub.

To ‘Blend’ with a friend is simple, whether you have a premium or free Spotify account:

  1. Click on the ‘Made For You Hub’ and tap Invite, which will send an invitation to connect with your friend.
  2. When your friend has accepted, Spotify will then create a personalised playlist based on you and your friend’s favourite and most listened to tracks. Additionally, it will add recommendations that both combine you and your best friends listening preferences and tastes.
  3. Premium users will be able to see how each friend has influenced the song selection. Simply tap on the profile icons next to the song.

As with Wrapped playlists and the Only You hub’s Audio Birth Chart, users will be able to share their ‘Blend’ scores on social media; get ready for Instagram to be bursting with Spotify shares once again.

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