The Social Short 2020: Week 14

New Video Features For ‘Facebook Watch’

Facebook has created new video features, which will make it easier for creators to build an audience and allow users access to more video content. These features are a part of “Facebook Watch”, but have now become accessible to all Facebook page admins. 

The features include a Playlist Update, Series, New Videos tab, and updates to Bulk Uploader. 

The Playlist Update allows page managers to segment their videos into groupings so that users can tap through related videos in a section, and share collections of videos at once. 

The Series feature was created as an expansion of playlists, except it showcases more scripted videos. This allows users to organize into episodes and seasons, which can organize videos chronologically. 

The New Videos tab is a feature that focuses on separating videos into groups. It also allows users to follow specific pages and update their video notification settings accordingly. 

Lastly, the updates the Bulk Uploader allows for up to 50 videos to be uploaded to a page at once. Facebook will also be implementing new editing tools as a part of this feature. 

Get ready, Facebook is taking steps that will seemingly send lots of new and improved video content our way! 



Twitter Provides A Month Of Daily Tweet Prompts 

Twitter has made an effort to help brands with their marketing initiatives by providing a month of daily tweet prompts. 

Twitter recognizes that their platform plays a large role in social media marketing of companies, and has decided to help brands think about what kind of content they want to share to keep engaged and connected with their followers. 

This will make it much easier to motivate users to stay active on the platform and put out more content. 

Thanks for the notes, Twitter!



Pinterest Introduces “Pinterest Trends”

Pinterest has put out a list of rising trends for this month, which will help give insights as to what people are interested in searching while in lockdown. 

The platform has recently seen record usage levels, and has revealed what Pinners are utilizing Pinterest for the most. 

The top four trends of the month are; health and wellness, parenting, food, and beauty and personal care. 

Knowing that these are the most popular themes on the site can help retailers angle their marketing efforts to align with these trends.



Apple Customers Can Now Rent Films From The Prime Video App

Apple Customers now have the ability to rent movies straight from the Prime Video app, making it much easier for everyone to access their favorite entertainment from home.

In the past, Prime users who wanted to buy or rent titles would have to do it from the Amazon website or app, and then stream it to their Apple device. 

These changes now allow users to easily purchase content directly from the Prime Video app, which is supported on most Apple devices.  

Looks like my schedule is going to be pretty busy for these next few weeks…



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