Social Media Blackouts Planned for Queen’s Death

Security Operation for Queen’s Passing Includes Social Media Strategy

The UK government’s intensive security operation for the aftermath of the Queen’s passing – codenamed Operation London Bridge –  has long been concealed from the general public. Whilst unconfirmed information has been leaked in drips and drabs over the years, the granular detail has been shrouded – until now, that is.

Following POLITICO’s acquisition of a series of documents outlining these preparations, it has become apparent that a social media strategy is high on the government’s list.

The proposed strategy includes official social media blackouts, the withholding of non-urgent content publication and a ban on retweets.

The royal family’s website will transform into a black holding page, with a short statement confirming the Queen’s death, whilst a black banner will be placed across the website and all governmental social media pages.

[Image Creds: Vogue]

Aside from the social media strategy, the document reveals plans for the Queen’s coffin to be taken on a procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, the funeral to be heralded as a “day of national mourning” (but not an official bank holiday), and the day to be referred to as ‘D-day‘.

[Image Creds: POLITICO]

To clarify, the extraordinary level of action mapped out by the government is not thought to signal a deterioration in the Queen’s health – there has been no indication these plans have been recently revisited with urgency. For more information on the documents, you can visit POLITICO’s website.

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