Instagram Tests New Label Feature for Stories

Labels Might Be Added to Feed Posts Re-Shared On Stories


It is often that Instagram users re-share and repost their regular feed to their stories to create more likes. This is a strategy that Instagram doesn’t seem to like. Or, well, maybe it’s more to do with users complaining about it. Instagram is currently testing out a new feature that will alert people by introducing labels to Stories that the users from their main feed reposted.


[Image Creds: Testing Catalog Twitter]

As you can see from the examples, posts re-shared from the main IG feed and Reels may soon have labels attached to them explaining their origin. Although this is not a huge imposition, it makes the whole outlook more cluttered. The feature could be deemed by users to be disarranged or unflattering for their stories.


Overall, it’s a far less extreme response than some of the platform’s other tests. For instance, in January, Instagram blocked some users from re-sharing feed posts to Stories entirely; this became a discussion point on social media platforms.


[Image Creds: Social Media Today]

Instagram announced to SMT that:


“We’ve seen from research that people prefer to see original photos and videos in Stories from the people they care about. The goal of our test is to better understand how people feel about this type of content and ultimately improve the Stories experience.” 


Instagram learnt that blocking people from sharing their posts may not have been the best-approached idea. It is difficult to understand how big the issue is and how this new function will solve it. Overall, the feature doesn’t seem like it will stop users from maximising their exposure by re-sharing their content this way.


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