Increasing Engagement on TikTok

With the Threat of Increasing Competition on the Horizon, TikTok are Pulling out All the Stops in Order to Drive Active Users to Their Platform

When wanting to continually grow an online presence, having an engaging environment helps to drive users to the desired social media platform. Doing so helps facilitate conversations, as well as make sure users are constantly returning to use the platform. However, the way these platforms engage may evolve overtime, so as to help them remain fresh among the competition.

This has become abundantly clear in the lifeline of TikTok, who have repeatedly been introducing new formats of engagement, monetisation, and conversations on the social media app. One of the key tools being tested includes the introduction of gamification to TikTok; these have been targeted towards the demographic younger than 35, and is currently only being tested in Vietnam.

[Creds: Heroku]

Additionally, TikTok are also including a new format of TikTok LIVE, introducing the new feature of subscriptions. These would include exclusive badges, a private chat, and custom emotes from creators which can be self-made only available to those wishing to subscribe. This would also allow creators to receive additional revenue through the scheme, adding yet another feature of financial gain for those joining the platform.

All of this arises at a time where other platforms have begun to introduce new features. For example, SnapChat have also started to introduce games to their app, but more involved through AR.

[Creds: ITP Live]

Introducing these features remains highly important, as TikTok have been repeatedly struggling to find ways to find ways in which they can fully integrate monetisation features into their platform which are both attractive, but able to retain those who would want to use them. Having been trailing YouTube for an extended period of time in how their funding programmes work, using these new subscription features may improve their relationship with their content creators.

Furthermore, with the testing of gamification in Vietnam, this could help become a feature widely available to all. In appealing to a younger audience if the format is suitable, the new inclusions could improve the overall engagement on the platform for a long time to come.

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With all these systems in place, TikTok could see themselves growing in the foreseeable future. However, it is again unpredictable how well these features will really take hold, and how much engagement they will truly drive.

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