Which Linkedin Posts Are The Most Effective?

Within A New Study, SocialInsider And CloudCampaign Have Shared The Most Effective Post Types On LinkedIn For This Year. 

Recently Linkedin has been seeing unexpectedly high levels of engagement with revenue up by 34% in the post covid job market and with the world looking to return to normality, it seems as though activity will continue to rise.

For brands looking to capitalise on this engagement, the latest study from SocialInsider and CloudCampaign can come in handy. After analysing 141, 000 LinkedIn posts, from over 1,000 LinkedIn company pages the study gives a well-informed look into the top-performing posts.

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Native documents 

These refer to posts which contain PDFs within them. These have been found to gain 3x more clicks than any other form of content. Often userswill upload multiple PDFs that users are able to swipe through.

Native documents have been found to have an average click-through rate from 3.5% to 8.6%, depending on the account size, compared to the 2.00% gained from other types of posts.

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These have been found to generate the highest engagement per impression rate. The average engagement is 3.16% per impression. Which rivals that of other forms of media.  Smaller accounts have especially been benefiting from publishing this type of content. This changes when profiles have more followers: images are the ones that generate the highest engagement levels for pages between 50-100k followers and native documents generate a higher engagement rate per impression for pages with more than 100k followers.

[Creds: SocialInsider]

From these findings, we can see that the type of posts that users should focus on depends largely on their following number. Within the study, the success of a particular type of post was often tied to a specific following count. This was especially true within the video view rates of posts.

Within the study, they found that small accounts have the highest video view rate, of 17.18% on average whereas accounts between 10-50K followers have an average video view rate of 11.29%. This then shoots up when users have a large number of followers. 

Secondly, the page reach is also impacted by follower numbers. Smaller accounts between 0-5K followers received a 6.17% average page reach rate whereas large pages with 50K-100K only received 1.63%

Our advice to marketers based on this study is to take into account how large your page is before posting to ensure the best possible engagement. 

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