How to Speak Metal: A Guide on the Latest Musical Comeback

If you’ve been scrolling on TikTok lately, you might have seen that a certain genre of music has been making a comeback: Metal, a genre that dominated the alternative music scene in the 2000s.

Many members of Gen Z are rediscovering their favourite classics, but newer bands are also becoming more and more popular, reaching an even wider target audience. This sudden excitement for the music is also shown during sold-out concerts where fans come together to celebrate their favourite bands. In many videos you can come across on TikTok you might be able to spot a specific language. Here is a breakdown of the lingo you’ll encounter in those TikTok clips so that you’re ready to go see your favourite band live.


[Image Creds: strife mag.]

Mosh Pit: A mosh pit is an area in front of the stage where fans energetically dance, push, and slam into each other. It’s a central element of the metal concert experience and is known for its intense energy.

Headbanging: This is the rhythmic nodding or shaking of one’s head in time with the music. Headbanging is very common at metal concerts, and it’s a way for fans to express their enthusiasm.

Circle Pit: A variation of the mosh pit where participants run in a circle, often in sync with the music’s tempo. 

Horns Up: A universal hand gesture in metal culture. It involves extending the index and pinky fingers while keeping the middle and ring fingers folded down. 

Stage Diving: When a fan (or artist) jumps off the stage into the crowd, trusting that the audience will catch them. 

Crowdsurfing: A member of the audience is passed above the heads of the crowd, making their way toward the stage or back to their original position.

Setlist: The list of songs a band plans to perform during their concert. Fans often speculate about which songs will be included.

Encore: After a band’s main set, they may return to the stage for an encore, playing additional songs. The crowd’s energy can influence whether an encore happens.

Metalcore: A subgenre of metal that blends elements of hardcore punk and metal. Bands like Bring Me the Horizon and Motionless in White are known for their metalcore sound.

Grindcore: A subgenre of extreme metal characterized by its short song lengths, intense speed, and aggressive vocals.

Thrash Metal: A genre known for its fast tempo, intricate guitar work, and aggressive lyrics. Bands like Metallica and Slayer are icons of thrash metal.

Metalhead: A term used to describe devoted metal music fans who are passionate about the genre.

Merchandise (Merch): Concerts are a prime opportunity to buy band-related merchandise such as T-shirts, posters, and albums.

Now you have everything to get you started on the metal side of TikTok and discover more bands and music. The metal community is always welcoming and you’ll be sure to have a great experience at your next concert. 

[Image Creds: NME]

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