Get to Know Your 2020 TikTok Story with ‘Year on TikTok’

TikTok Launches Personalised Annual Recap Feature

As 2020 draws to an end, many social media platforms have neatly tied our highlights and top picks into personalised recap packages. Spotify gave us ‘Wrapped,’ Instagram gave us our ‘top 9 posts’ and now TikTok, for the first time, is giving us ‘Year on TikTok.’

A ‘Year on TikTok’ is a video reel that showcases individual users’ own TikTok highlights. By highlights, we mean the length of time you’ve spent on TikTok, which videos you linger on whilst perusing your ‘For You’ page, your most used effects and Sounds, as well as metrics outlining your commenting, liking and sharing activity.

The annual recap will also pull together your favourite videos to show you what TikTok category you’ve invested the most time into this year – whether its animals, food, travel, beauty, entertainment, or one of TikTok’s more niche areas, such as Cottagecore or slime ASMR.

[Image Creds: 9TO5MAC]

What is the layout of the ‘Year on Tiktok’ feature? Naturally, the recap is presented in TikTok’s well-loved vertically scrollable feed of clips, which you can share directly to your profile. Once you’ve done so, a little “2020” profile badge will appear at the top of your profile photo – an emblem of your dedication to the hot-shot video-sharing app this year.

TikTok users can access their ‘Year on TikTok’ recap by tapping the icon on their ‘For You’ page or scrolling to the banner at the top of the app’s Discover page. TikTok says its feature will also include other  from its ‘Year on TikTok: Top 100‘ list, such as best memes, most popular and influential creators, top viral videos and a host of other 2020 trends.

The hashtag #YearOnTikTok is up to 5.4 billion views, however if the feature is a true success, we should begin to see the “2020” badge make its way onto a range of creators’ profiles in the upcoming days.

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