Snapchat Shares Top AR Campaigns of 2020

The Rise of AR: Snapchat Shares Best 2020 Campaigns

2021 will likely see AR usage increase with Facebook and Apple both looking to release their respective AR glasses on the market. With AR tools getting more focus, it’s worth considering how they might impact digital marketing.

Snapchat, one of the leading platforms when it comes to AR, revealed this past Friday its most inspiring augmented reality campaigns of 2020.

The company said in a blog post, “2020 has been a year of the unexpected and the unprecedented, from stay-at-home orders to major shifts in consumer behavior and in how brands, businesses and organizations operate. In a year of new normals, Snapchat’s camera has played a pivotal role in bringing us together, even when we’re apart. Snapchatters are no stranger to having fun and being creative with the camera, and are constantly spreading joy and positivity in their communities. This year more than ever, Snapchatters and brands have used the camera to connect with friends and loved ones all over the world in new, creative ways.”

Snapchat added, “AR has played a massive role in creating those connections and experiences. Brands and organizations around the world have leveraged our technology to engage with the Snapchat Generation in innovative ways never before possible.”

Some of our favourite campaigns from the ones selected are;

  • Gucci’s AR Shoe Try-on
  • NYX Professional Makeup Virtual Store + Try-on Experience
  • Black Pumas 5G Concert by Verizon
  • Rebuild Foundation lets you “Raise Your Voice”
  • Trolls: World Tour Takes Over the Snap Camera


Check out the full list here.


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