MITUK Brand Campaign


Made in the UK started out as Sony Music and Ministry of Sound’s playlist hosting the best in UK Rap, R&B and Hip Hop Music. However, the Made In The UK brand sought to highlight the biggest artists and moments within the culture across socials, and further build the community around these artists. The MITUK wanted to be a brand which is aesthetically on trend and stands out against peers in the industry.

Our Objectives

We had to position Made In The UK as a key player within the UK Grime, Drill, Hip Hop and R&B culture, a must-follow account for fans and artists alike. We wanted MTIUK to be on par and compete with bigger, trend-setter accounts in the industry such as LinkUpTV & GRM Daily.

Target Audiences

  • Young people in the UK interested in UK Grime, UK Rap, UK Drill, Afrobeats & R&B music


  • Growing the community When we took over the MITUK account they had a fairly small following across all social channels
  • Visual identity the current MITUK branding did not feel modern, and did not appeal to the target audience

Our Approach

We started by completely rebranding the social channels in order to make MITUK look as on-the-nose as possible with current trends and to reflect the tastes of the target audience, as well as other brands within the culture.

We took inspiration from different key players on the scene and looked at artists and fashion labels to help inspire an identity that fit effortlessly with current graphic trends, whilst also standing out. It was also important that we made the branding adaptable to all different types of assets and content, as a fairly new channel it had to work with any potential new ventures.

We developed a user-centric strategy and came up with a number of tactical tools to address our challenges. We leveraged the combined impact of organic and paid media to put MITUK in front of the target audience and engage in the right conversations.

In order to grow the community organically, we consistently ask questions and encourage the audience to interact with our posts. For example, we would jump into conversations on trending topics we know our audience cares about, ask for the audience’s opinion on current events and subjects. We always aim to start a conversation on-feed to fuel discussion and create word-of-mouth.


Leveraging our knowledge of the audience’s behaviours and culture, paired by obtaining actionable insights through directly engaging with the target groups resulted in building a strong community and exponentially increasing the brand awareness and recall. The MITUK brand and our content has been consistently praised by peers within the industry as well as our audience. It is clear from this feedback that we have successfully positioned MITUK as a must-follow account within the UK Grime, Drill, Hip Hop and R&B culture culture.