Jigsaw Awareness Campaign

Our brief

Our main objective working with Jigsaw was to raise awareness of the charity, and most specifically drive users to the new Live Chat support feature available online.

We also aimed to educate and support young people and those adults in their lives (teachers, parents etc.) via driving traffic to specific resources and articles on the Jigsaw website.


  • Oversaturation – there are many charitable organisations providing mental health support – how could we position Jigsaw so it stands out?
  • Sensitivity – the topic of mental health and wellbeing is still somewhat stigmatised across all our target audiences – how could we approach the subject in a non-triggering way while maintaining a clear message?
  • Audience size – it was clear that our primary audience of Young People aged 12-25 was only around 300,000 users – how could we reach those people effectively, without over-exposing them to the messaging?

Key Audience

  • Primary target audience – Young People in Ireland, aged 12-25
  • Secondary audiences 
    • Parents and Guardians
    • Teachers and Support Workers

Our Response

We conducted interviews with young volunteers for Jigsaw as to what are the key triggers for young people might be, what messaging are they likely to resonate with, and what could be the best way to communicate the key selling points of Jigsaw’s new services. 

We also took inspiration from other organisations and services which are aimed at the same Target Audiences, mood-boarding creatives and messaging which was relevant to them and also to Jigsaw’s TOV and visual identity.


In our most recent campaign (January-February 2021), the results from the Paid activity and the number of Live Chat registrations increased exponentially compared to stats recorded in 2020 and since the introduction of the service:

Across all channels and target groups we achieved:


Ad Impressions


Link Clicks


Average Cost per video View


Average Cost per Click

Correspondingly, Jigsaw saw a record number of Live Chat registrations and sessions held:

Live Chat registrationsLive Chat session held
Jan-Feb 2021968513
Nov-Dec 2020250180

It was also interesting to note that throughout conversion tracking pixels, we could see some users take 2 or more actions on the site – e.g. Live chat registration and Newsletter Subscription, or Landing page view and Make a Donation.


Influence has really helped us reach our digital marketing goals. They are experienced, attentive and effective, and have proven to be an important asset in our organisation.


Combining real-time audience insights with on-going qualitative research and paid media optimisation, we managed to effectively engage the Target Audiences, drive quality traffic to the Jigsaw website, and far outperformed all KPIs set for conversions, Live chat registrations and sessions held.