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The Way Platforms are Evolving for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day closing in, many couples are looking to celebrate this holiday together. However, not all celebrations are identical; as such, different social media platforms are taking action to help couples celebrate in the ways they’d like to.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram have already announced different changes. For starters, Messenger is releasing new tools, including a range of features many would like to see. This includes new 30 minute voice messages, but this could potentially lead to receiving rather long rants on topics not of interest. Additionally, Facebook Messenger plans on introducing a function on splitting payments, allowing people to split bills as long as their payment info has been uploaded to the app. Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like a split bill…

[Creds: Thirst]

On the flip-side, Instagram will be hosting a live Valentine’s Day Shopping event, which in their own words is “the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones to your favorite beauty, food, home and accessories brands”. This will also be hosted by Paige DeSorbo, who has previous experience hosting events on Amazon Live.

In being able to connect and communicate with others in a way more suited to the chosen approach, this should help bolster Instagram and Facebook Messenger in the digital environment. Additionally, this helps to give Instagram an edge over their competitors, as promoting eCommerce with larger Instagram influencers indicates an opportunity for growth over their competitors.

[Creds: NBC News]

It’s important these platforms are engaging with their users this way, as it may allow them to attract and maintain users in the long-run if they continue to act in a positive manner. Additionally, if having more creators on the platform, this also allows them the opportunity for survival over their competitors, and help them stay relevant.

As such, this shows a real time adaptation to the different trends and competitive forces in the market. It will be interesting to see how these evolve in the coming days. But for now, from all of us at Influence Digital, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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