YouTube Creates New ‘Applause’ Tipping Tool

A Way for Fans to Pay YouTubers Directly

YouTube is developing a new way for its creators to monetise their content with its upcoming ‘Applause’ feature.

Currently, one of the best ways for YouTubers to profit from their videos is through ‘Super Chat,’ which allows users to give one-off payments to their favourite creators on the platform. One issue with this moneymaking feature is that it is only available on livestreams, disadvantaging those YouTubers that favour pre-made, edited content.

[Image Creds: Social Blade]

This new ‘Applause’ feature, now in the experimentation phase, is YouTube’s quick-fix.

YouTubers that have monetisation enabled will soon gain an ‘Applaud’ button on each of their pre-recorded videos, which users can press to send one-time payments of £2, £5, £10, or £50. Once a user sends a tip, an applause animation appears over the video and the creator is notified of their win.

Users will be allowed to portion out a maximum of £500 per day to their most-loved YouTubers, either through Super Chats or Applause, whilst YouTube takes a 30 percent cut.

Another day, another monetisation feature on social media. A united move towards e-Commerce is becoming more and more apparent, each social media giant grappling for a turn in the driver’s seat.

Along with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, YouTube’s monetisation methods are fast evolving. There’s even talk that, soon, users will be able to make purchases directly on the video-streaming platform.

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